Kali, the Mother

The terror and the fury

Of sickle and scythe –

Weapons of death and destruction

Dancing in her hands

Her bare breasts covered with blood

Still dripping from the severed head that she carries in her hand –

What terror she must infuse in the evil minds of evil men?

She annihilates the past, the present and the future,

As the presiding deity of Kala, time;

Her formless form pervades infinity,

Devouring the maya of time and space,

astride on the wings of Infinite knowledge;

In primal purity she stands, wearing nothing but

The fundamental elements of nature as her clothes;

Lord Shiva had to hurl himself on the ground

To stop her from destroying all creation

In mock regret she bites the tongue,

When her feet touches her lord’s inert body on the ground

What an excuse for the Shiva – Sakthi leela?

Fifty skulls adorn her neck

One for each character of the Sanskrit vowel, claim scholars

As if she belongs to a language!

Even if Sanskrit is heavenly, is she not the mother of the universe?

The mother of all, wicked or wise, weak or strong;

Her heart melts to true devotion, uncoated with egoistic and educated theology

Ferocious she may be,

She is still the loving mother of the world;

For all her ferocity, for all her intolerance of evil, and for all her Motherly Love,

She ever remains the Mystic Mother of the Cosmic Universe….

And yet, men paint her black and call her Kali.

( Navratri just got over. These days, the true meaning of Navratri celebrations is being lost in the commercial sellout of the festival. Hopefully, the real meaning will resurface after some westerner publishes a book about Indian festivals and their meanings……)

Note : The father aspect of God, the Father, and the mother aspect of God, the Mother, are two interesting concepts of Indian/Hindu faith. In this, the mother aspect of Kali, is most misunderstood as a primitive God, wanting sacrifices. On the contrary, we find great poets like Bharathi, Aurobindo, Tagore, Ramprasad Sen, Kamalakanta Chakravarti, Trailokyanath Sanyal, Kalidas, and Kazi Nazrul Islam inspired by the notion of the mother aspect of God, as MAA KAALI, or simply, MAA. To the Great Mother of this Cosmic Universe, the true symbol of feminine godliness, I humbly submit this poem.