Time for the indelible ink….

Exchange of slurs
the politics of issues
mere personal slang matches
where issues are blurred
by hatred and venom…

and suddenly, personalities reign supreme.

Who has done what ?
Who is better suited
to rule in future?

Whom to trust ?
And whom to elect ?
Tough questions indeed
for the voter
with the difficult task
of weighing the merits
and demerits,
Right or wrong or left;

while straining to catch the beats
of campaign drums that match the mind of the confused
has to honourably erase
the slate clean
With his or her choice
On Election Day.

Speaking through
The Ballot Box,
Casting the vote
And saying it aloud
with his action : –
“As a voter,
my opinion, matters
The most….”

Atleast to me.
– D.Om Prakash Narayan

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. harianant
    Apr 08, 2019 @ 05:10:57

    Good post. Timely post to remind us to ensure voting.
    Hari Visit my Inspiring Tamil Blog,  http://nammalmudiyum.wordpress.com/
    View my ‘Inspire Minds’ Blog, http://changeminds.wordpress.com/


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